Saturday, April 21, 2007

Breaking the silence

Yes, I fell off the face of the earth. I need to rat on myself because a little honesty is what really makes the differnce when one wants to change certain aspects of their lives.

My weight is back to where it was originally. I'm walking more, I'm making better meal decisions ( trying to make better portion decisions) but I have to confess, my jelly bean addiction was hidden from this blog ( aside from the blatant spoonerism of my moniker). I have been compensating with HUGE quantities of gourmet jelly beans, quantities you can buy at a wholesale club. Everynight, while working on my other life crippling addiction, I'd have fistfulls of jelly beans while practicing chess. Zero-fat, no points Right? WRONG!

So from this day forward, let it be known... I, Sir Belly Jeans, am a recovering Jelly Bean Addict to which I admit my powerlessness. I surrender. Today I make a concious effort to stay away from the sugars of bunnies.


Kim Ayres said...

To admit out loud (or on the blog) is a good step forward.

transformation said...

very nice work. very honest. i am one of those sorts who can run a marathon (literally) but must eat low fat to avoid heart disease, since we are congenitally high chlolesterol, and this has been a big teacher. i miss my potatoe chips.

you can do it! the rewards! the feeling of boyancy! i did it once. i felt so much better!

on my thin frame, i put on a gut from beer and stock broker fast free lunches of rich food kind.

warmly, dk

Don Q. said...

Jelly bean addiction can be beat. As to chess addiction, I think you're screwed. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of fat free popcorn. It fills me up and has a good crunchy thing goin on. It might help your Jelly bean jones.

Good luck,
Lord Chubs

ArleneWKW said...

Jelly beans. Hmmmn. I can see how they could be addicting. Sweet, easy to eat, no mess, and no prep. Good luck and brave thoughts as you say goodbye to your sweet addiction.

Kim Ayres said...

Do I have to shift you to the Lost Knights category on my sidebar?

chessloser said...

you are not alone on that one, not at all. another thing we have in common, i see. i LOVE the jellybeans. i even invented a jellybean pizza, where i put orange, pink, or red jellybeans on frozen pizza, then cook per directions. the jellybeans melt and mix with the grease from the pepperoni. i realized that was just wrong and evil, so i stopped. this easter, i made it through the holiday on only 1 bag, and i haven't had any since. i also love the potato chips, which i had to stop.

good luck to you, you don't need the jellybeans...