Saturday, April 21, 2007

Breaking the silence

Yes, I fell off the face of the earth. I need to rat on myself because a little honesty is what really makes the differnce when one wants to change certain aspects of their lives.

My weight is back to where it was originally. I'm walking more, I'm making better meal decisions ( trying to make better portion decisions) but I have to confess, my jelly bean addiction was hidden from this blog ( aside from the blatant spoonerism of my moniker). I have been compensating with HUGE quantities of gourmet jelly beans, quantities you can buy at a wholesale club. Everynight, while working on my other life crippling addiction, I'd have fistfulls of jelly beans while practicing chess. Zero-fat, no points Right? WRONG!

So from this day forward, let it be known... I, Sir Belly Jeans, am a recovering Jelly Bean Addict to which I admit my powerlessness. I surrender. Today I make a concious effort to stay away from the sugars of bunnies.