Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trending in the right direction

Its been a hectic time the past few weeks. Stressors at work and at home usually triggers me into adverse eating habits. I am still hanging in there and have resolved to keep it simple for my self. Learning how to not throw it all away while under fire is a big step. Some may regard it as a baby step but for me its a huge step. I'm still focused on making good food choices ( lower in fat and high in fiber) but have thrown out the point counting for the time being. I can say I make good choices about 80% of the time and try not to go over board during the peak. Its at the point now where its not "foreign" for me to make the right food choices. Having fatty foods has taken on the feel of "this is not right".

I need to increase my activity to the point its not "foreign". This is the next baby step I need to take. What I am really trying to do is change my lifestyle to healthier one. If it requires accounting.. and points and weighing food ...this is not going to work for me long term. I realize I have to make gradual changes that i can internalize. Then its a natural progression, one that I can sustain.

I want to thank you all for nudging and encouraging me. I am a tenacious person ( as seen in my other crippling addiction called chess). This is a great vehicle to keep track of my journey.

Oh, and I have gotten rid of 1.5 lbs. I am down to 248.5 lbs