Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week 2 a Holiday and still a Loss!!

Weight : 250.5 lb
Weekly Loss : 1 lb
Total Loss : 4.5 lb

I was happy to see a loss! Thanksgiving, I was over my points with Pie and all the trimmings. Friday I was not doing well. I succumbed to THREE peanut butter toasts with homemade bread... I am a carb junky. Saturday was just over my points but then I went back to eating within the points on Sunday after all the pie was out of the house. I could have walked more and did more on the Eliptical but I did manage to walk a Mile on Monday during lunch and get shin splints ( I was dehydrated.... foolish thing). I've been within my points all week. I hope I continue the trend.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week One

Pounds Lost: 3.1
Total : 3.1
Current weight: 251.5 ( Started at 254.6)

Off to a losing start! Week one was tough, mainly because I am adjusting to a new way of life. The first two days I was WAY over my points but my first goal was to reach my point range in 3 days and then maintain that. I did it!

I could use a little more time and frequency on the eliptical trainer ( ET) though I did do a total of 3 times on the ET at 10-15 minutes each ( pretty pathetic I know...but it's a start) . I am walking more too at least 10 minutes a day but 3 times I did 20 minutes.

Oh yeah... food day tomorrow. trying to be realistic. I've been really good this week and have a few points "banked". I'll have to play it by ear and not set any expectations. It's just good to know that I am entering it with good points, weight loss and a realistic perspective.

I'll try to check in at least once a week.

Later all.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day one ( All over again)

Sometimes it takes a jarring moment to startle you into a new regime. A few years ago, I was following WW and actually lost 35 pounds and was making progress. I stopped following the method after several business trips and complacency set in. Fast forward to today and all those 35 pounds I lost found their way back ... and they brought SEVERAL friends along.

I saw my doctor, weighed in ( 254!) and discovered my BP was 168/100 ...alarmingly high.

That's motivation... plus the sleep apnea thing ( 11 CCM's pushing through my nostrils each night for the past few years).

So I am back to counting points..because that seemed to work last time. My first goal was to get myself back in range. Yesterday was that day!

Here we go...One day at a time.