Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day one ( All over again)

Sometimes it takes a jarring moment to startle you into a new regime. A few years ago, I was following WW and actually lost 35 pounds and was making progress. I stopped following the method after several business trips and complacency set in. Fast forward to today and all those 35 pounds I lost found their way back ... and they brought SEVERAL friends along.

I saw my doctor, weighed in ( 254!) and discovered my BP was 168/100 ...alarmingly high.

That's motivation... plus the sleep apnea thing ( 11 CCM's pushing through my nostrils each night for the past few years).

So I am back to counting points..because that seemed to work last time. My first goal was to get myself back in range. Yesterday was that day!

Here we go...One day at a time.


Don Q. said...

Welcome to the Knights of the Round Bottoms. I have out you in the official listing. Good luck and well met!

-Don Q, Sir chubalot

ArleneWKW said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, George. I wish you all the strength that you'll need to face the challenges before you.

Sir Man Boobs said...

Welcome to the Knights, Sir Bellyjean. Love the name :) I started my quest at 275lbs, so you have my empathy. I've returned the link and wish you every success on your quest.

-Sir Man Boobs-