Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to 248

I am still battling my Jelly Bean addiction. I "relapsed" a week ago, but I picked myself back up. I am just checking in.

I saw the Doctor since my last post. My BP is still uncomfortbly high and I need to lose weight. Duh.

I am trying to work on portion control now. I am consistently still making better choices, so i guess that's an upswing. I just need to watch the volume of these good choices.


chessloser said...

don't know if it's an option for you, but if you eat a mostly vegetarian diet, you will lose weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. i go vegetarian for a few months out of the year to "clean my system" and i usually feel lots better. gotta get your protien from legumes and tofu, but i like tofu...
try boca burgers, they rock, no kidding...

Don Q. said...

Congrats on getting back into negative numbers. A quick check back to December shows that you are down 6 lbs overall.

A vegetarian diet does have some good points, but you can find good food and crappy food in every group. I have been migrating to more vegetarian food in general. Boca burgers are pretty good; however, it is my sad duty to inform ayou that they do not rock. It's sort of like non-alcoholic beer. No matter how good it is it still isn't beer.

Kim Ayres said...

I don't know if you've tried this, but one thing that helps portion size is the design of the plate.

Many of us with eating problems eat visually rather than by feeling full - we will clear the plate, no matter how we feel.

If you have a smaller plate you can kid yourself into believing you've eaten more than you have, even if you know it intellectually.

Another option is a plate with a thick, different coloured rim, rather an a plate all the same colour.

It's not a total solution, but it is a wee trick that can sometimes help with portion sizes

ArleneWKW said...

I'm glad to see that you've written another post. I was a vegetarian for several years. The first half of that time, I was a fat vegetarian. It is indeed possible to be a fat veggie. I got rid of my weight as a veggie, then began the regain as a veggie. The key, as you've pointed out, is in the choices you make. Re. portion control, you can eat a huge amount of broccoli and such.

HardDaysKnight said...

Hello Sir Jelly Bean, just wanted to say hang in there and keep trying;

I have found that a very low fat and no processed food eating plan has helped (as advocated by Dean Ornish); essentailly, I try to eat no more than 10 grams of fat a day; particularly at work, this has helped me avoid unhealthy foods (the vending machine was killing me); I seem to get more than enough protein, and I don't feel tired or hungry. I have found that it's very important to avoid processed foods marketed as "low-fat," (they're full of sugar)and I've gone as far to give up diet drinks, too (I just got tired of the idea of putting fake sweetners in my body). Anyway, if you like beans, rice, pita bread, fresh fruit, vegetables, and, uhh, more beans and rice, you might like it.

Whatever approach you take, never give up!

transformation said...

how goes it?

i am a nutritionally oriented person, so do not need to diet but have dealt with other addictions.

you dont need advise from me... but just warm greetings and best well wishes.

the hardest one i overcame by not so much quitting something, as getting under the issue supporting 'it' as a constelation of conditions. untill i faced those or cleaned up that base, all efforts to quit were if not doomed, not to last.

can you find a reward outside food, or a reward that is not a fatty or caloric food?

and when i had to get my chlolesterol (but not weight down), my reward to start was one hearty mexican meal a week. it worked. good the other 6.7 days.

and, the old classic, do you love yourself? without that, the physical plane can get a bit undermined...


BlunderProne said...

To All,

I am still battling this food addiction. I tend to not blog about it for several reasons, one being not positive results.

I'm not giving up, its just been a struggle. I've been in the middle of transitions ( Jobs, kids graduating, money... lots of stresses). In choosing between healthy means of dealing with stress or "old habits" I am maybe 50% there. Sometimes I can do it other times I can't resist.

This is harder than my other addictions ( out side of chess) to which I celebrate 17 years. We need to eat food to survive, but eating triggers certain responses.

I'm still here. just struggling with my fatness.

DK, I'd like to email you. Can you send me a message at george dot Duval at comcast dot net?

CactusFreek said...

Don't leave the blog. It's a symbol of progress for you. Come back to the liiiiight :o)