Monday, February 5, 2007


Got rid of a pound and then I put it back on as of two days ago, I don't even want to look at teh scale... lost Motivation

Since my last post, I was real good about points and recording it all only to be discouraged with no results after a week. I saw my doctor in between and was told that this time of year its hard to lose because our body's metabolism slows down. The remedy is to exercise more. So what did I do, I exercised LESS!

Man! I am discourage. Work has been nuts and my lunch time routine has been fowled up because of deadlines. We've been in a deep freeze up here and I've been under tremendous stress. My way of dealing with stress, Food.

I know ... excuses excuses... I've got to get a handle on this. I am back to point counting but this weekend was really bad ( pizza.... and an old fashioned Sunday brunch...huge points).

I am so tired of fighting my inner battle.


Weight-Trimmer said...

You have already one the first fight of your "Inner Battle". It took me two years to accept that I was overweight and need to act. Denial is a wonderful trait. In my two years of self-denial I gainned even more weight. You have already captured the strength to realise that you must act. And act you will! The first battle is one and two more battles lay ahead. Maybe points are not for you! I will be honest I cant be bothered with counting every point I consume - If anything this makes me more driven by food!! Instead I have stopped eating foods I know are really bad, and started weighing out the carbs I eat. Each Meal will contain either 200g of potato, 60g of pasta or 45g rice. This is the only thing I count/weigh. I have stopped drinking soda's and cut back on the sugar in my coffee. The other big diffence is I drink lots of water now. This helps to quench the hungry and keep the body fully hydrated which is essential for efficient brain function! Anyway enough of my ramblings. You will win because you have already conquered the hardest part and accepted where you are at. You still continue to post when times are hard, a sure sign that deep down you are a fighter. Guess all I am trying to say is maybe consider trying something other than counting points. Ironically the less sugary and fatty foods I eat the less I crave them now. Sure the first two weeks were hard, but now I am already beginning to dislike fatty and sugar foods (the foods that were sadly the staple of my diet for too long). Dig deep. And keep posting!

Don Q. said...

Keep at it. Funny enough one of the keys for me was to keep posting on the blog (Your mileage may vary). as long as I was recording my progress or lack thereof, I never really gave up

So I agree. Keep posting.

ArleneWKW said...

"I am so tired of fighting my inner battle."

I agree with Don re. continued posting. It supports the strong side of that inner battle. Another point is that even if you find yourself "losing" the battle more often than you'd like, you're keeping off pounds that you might have otherwise gained each hour and each day that you remain on track.

Kim Ayres said...

Don and Arlene are right. Keep posting. When you put it down in words in front of you, over time you start to see the repeating patterns that perhaps you were blind to before.

The battle isn't with the food, it's only ever with yourself - the bit in you that feels you don't deserve to be healthier, that tells you you're useless. When you can fight off that demon and start to feelgood about yourself, it's easier to find the strength to stay on track.

Kim Ayres said...

Is it time to poke you in the ribs to see if you're still alive?