Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A wake up call

Yes... it's been a year.

Anonymous commentor of my last post was also a good prompt.

This past weekend I had a scare. On Saturday afternoon, after a vigorous workout with a small chain saw, I had several brief episodes of sharp chest pain (around 4 pm). Not wanting to take any chances, I headed to the emergency room at Emerson Hospital. I had another episode in the car, and later, one in the ER.

In the ER, they hooked me up to EKG, drew blood, inserted an IV, and applied a nitroglycerine patch. And then we waited. And waited. they decided to keep me over night for observations because of a long list of risk factors for heart attack-- type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, family history, overweight, under exercised.

I had had an echocardiogram the next morning (which was normal), but there were problems scheduling the stress test as on a Sunday, and due to cost cuts, they didn't have a technician. Finally, around 2:30 pm, the cardiologist managed to get a technician. The treadmill stress test took about 30 minutes .The stress test was normal, too.

I was discharged later that afternoon and was told this was not a cardio event. Rather, it was most likely due to the activity with the (dull) chain saw.

I am back at a fitness regimine. I am starting out slow and looking at becoming more healthy rather than lighter. Hopefully the otehr will follow.


Kim Ayres said...

That, to my mind, is the best approach of the lot - aim to be healthy and the weight will take care of itself.

good to see you back :)

Twice the Man said...

welcome back sir knight, sorry it took this scare to bring you back, but feel grateful your back at this before it was too late, time for you to post us again, its been nearly another month