Thursday, January 3, 2008

PTHS ( Post traumatic Holiday Syndrome)

On the 21st of December I weighed in at 247 and the next time I dared look at the scale was on January 2nd. As the scale was "warming up" ( digital scale) I was saying to myself " If it's under 250 I'll be happy." It returned with 247! No gain, despite the peak intakes on chritmas and New years eve festivities. My home elliptical broke over the break adn I was too far to drive into the work gym. Thank god for a record snow fall as shoveling equates rather well as a replacement exercise routine.

Later... I hope to be less of a man this year.

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Kim Ayres said...

Welcome back!

If you can get through Feastmas with anything less than an 8lb gain then you are doing well.

Don't let winter sap your motivation - you can do this :)